Meet our Team

Coordinator and Volunteer Committee

The Cerberus Community Hub (CCH) coordinator and volunteers play a big part in community life here at Cerberus. Our team of professionals are eager and ready to help our center become a thriving place that you and your family can enjoy daily. The Cerberus Community Hub (CCH) family is made up of a diverse bunch of people who came together serve the community. Get in touch today and speak with any one of our committee



A defence spouse with lots of experience working and volunteering in Community Hubs around Australia. A mother of 3 children and loves meeting new people and making friendships.



Although Tamika is new to the role of President she has been part of the committee for quiet a few years. She loves attending and running playgroups and craft activities.


Vice President

New to the committee but taking on the role of Vice President with a passion. Elisha is always happy and enjoys coffee mornings and playgroups.



Debbie is a very loving person who is always around to help out. You will see her at all the events and will always be the last to leave.



Caroline has been on the committee for quiet a few years. She has done all different positions